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د. أحمد محمد عمر الفاضل


عضو هيئة تدريس

كلية علوم الرياضة والنشاط البدني

: SRM 346 Seminar: current issues in sport management and recreation

This course examine in-depth current topics and issues in sport management and recreation. It explores administrative tasks and best application style. Also, it seeks to further develop students’ ability to analyze, critically examine and present reasoned argument.
The course is presented in a seminar style, and aims to:
- provide students with opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of current topics that are significant for the profession of sport management and recreation.
- Develop awareness of managerial tasks in selected topics.
- Critically examine some current issues and topics in the field.
- Further development of students’ critical, analytical, communication and reasoned argument ability.

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