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عبدالعزيز سامي بن طالب

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استاذ مساعد،قسم الهندسة الكيميائية

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CHE 202: Chemical Engineering Principles - II

Energy forms and energy balances and thermodynamic principles. Balances on non-reactive processes Balances on reactive processes including fuels and combustion. Solution of simultaneous material and energy balance equations for process flow sheets using suitable softwares (computer laboratory).

Textbook: Felder R. M. and Rousseau, R. W. “Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes” John Wiley & Sons. Pre-requisite: CHE 201, CO-requisite: CHEM 230

Instructor: Mohamed Abashar & A. E. Abasaeed Total credits: 3 Lecture Cr: 2 Lab Cr: 0 Recitation Cr: 1 Pre Req(s): ChE 201 Co Req(s): Contribution to professional component: Math and Basic science Cr: Engineering Cr: 2 General Education Cr: 0 Catalog Data: The law of conservation of energy and energy balance concepts. Systematic approaches for the solution of energy balances on flow sheets of chemical processes.

Textbook: R. M. Felder and R. W. Rousseau, R. W., “Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes”, 3rd edition, Wiley, 2000. ISBN: 0-471-53478-1 Topics covered 1. Energy and energy balance (8 class) (Forms of energy, the first law of thermodynamics, energy balances on closed systems, energy balance on opens systems, table of thermodynamic data, energy balance procedures, mechanical energy balances). 2. Balances on nonreactive processes (13 class) (Elements of energy balance calculations, changes in pressure at constant temperature, changes in temperature, phase change operations, mixing and solution, psychrometric chart). 3. Balances on reactive processes (9 class) (Heats of reaction, Hess’s law, formation reactions and heats of formation, heats of combustion, energy balances on reactive processes, fuels and combustion).

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