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عبدالعزيز سامي بن طالب

Assistant Professor

استاذ مساعد،قسم الهندسة الكيميائية

كلية الهندسة

Mass Transport Operations (CHE 318)

Course Topics

 Introduction to role of mass transfer in separation processes

 Molecular diffusion; General law for diffusion and convection;

 Equimolar counter diffusion, transfer across stagnant layer, Varying area

Prediction of diffusion coefficient in gases and liquid; Diffusion in solids

 Convective mass transfer coefficients; Transport phenomena analogy

Mass transfer correlation for different geometries

Knudsen diffusion

Theory of single and multiple equilibrium contact stages,

Design of tray towers for absorption

Interface mass transfer; Two resistance theory,

Relationship between overall and individual mass transfer coefficients

Detailed design of packed beds

Use of equilibrium theory to compute NTU and HTU

Detailed design of absorption column for both dilute and concentrated solutions

Pressure drop and packing characteristics of absorber and diameter calculation

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