-Personal Summery:

 Name: Abdulatif  bin Ahmed bin Ahmed Alzkri

 Nationality: Saudi Arabian .

Marital status: Married

 Current Job: Lecturer at the Faculty of Education, King Saud University, Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

.E-mail (abalzkri@ksu.edu.sa) or (krm999@hotmail.com).

-Academic Qualifications and Experience: . Bachelor of Mathematics Education in the year 1425-1426 AH, Distinction with honors.

. Master of Education (Curriculum and Teaching Methods of Mathematics) from the Department of Curriculum and Instructions in the College of Education at King Saud University in 1432 H, Distinction with First Class Honors, and the address of the message: the training needs of teachers of mathematics in the light of the curriculum series Majrōhl from the viewpoint of specialists and supervisors using the Delphi method.

. Teacher of mathematics in general education (from 1426-1433 e).

. Attended a number of specialized courses in personal development, and education, including:

. Teaching methods, measuring the efficiency of teaching, basic computer skills - Microsoft Corporation -, learning resources, communication with learning resources skills, behavior modification, effective dialogue skills, the successful agent, the Excellent agent, adult education, dealing with students, court skills of thinking.

. Attended many conferences and scientific symposiums.

. Contributed to the arbitration of many research tools for postgraduate students at universities in the Saudi Arabia.

-Research and Scientific Activities:

. Research entitled: "The impact of the use of educational software in the teaching of mathematics on fourth grade students grades" – This research has been accepted within the researches that have been approved from the center of research excellence in the development of science and mathematics education - (1430 AH).

. Research entitled: "The impact of the use of self-questioning strategy on fifth grade students grades in mathematics" (1430 AH).

. Research entitled: "Assessment of the fourth grade mathematics book (Majrōhl series) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in light of specific criteria" (1431 AH).

. Founding member and supervisor on the computer and mathematics education and branching site of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction Faculty of Education - King Saud University.