MIS 477: Coop Training in MIS

This course allows an upper-class MIS student one semester of appropriate work experience in a related industry. Students are required to independently implement and manage a project of Information Systems, under faculty supervision, in industry. Proposals for an independent study must be approved by the sponsoring faculty from the department and the MIS Co-op course committee.  This is a capstone course requiring students to incorporate skills and knowledge from other courses by conducting a project into an area of professional interest or concern in management information systems. The conclusions drawn form the foundation for recommendations for innovation and enhancement in the Co-op student’s industry.  At the completion of each co-op experience, each co-op student has to submit their project along with the project documentation and make a presentation in front of a committee of the department.
This course allows an upper-class MIS student one semester of experience in a job related to the student’s major. A supervised project within an information technology area of student interest. Consent of the sponsoring faculty and department approval are required.

  • Co-op students have to apply in their Co-op projects, the latest technologies in the field of management information systems.
  • The course content is revised annually. For example, new assessment rubrics have been incorporated this year including evaluation the Co-op project’s proposal and weekly report.
  • The course prerequisite is revised periodically.
Course Materials