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Dr.Nat.Med. Arwa Ishaq Khayyat

Assistant Professor

عضو هيئة تدريس

كلية العلوم
Building 5, Third Floor, Office 226

(BCH 312) Biochemical calculations

What is the main purpose for this course?
 To learn students the most common calculation problems in biochemistry including calculation and different ways to expression concentration, pH measurement and buffer composition and theory , ionization of weak acids . Spectrophotometry theory and its applications in biochemistry mainly in enzymology and clinical chemistry. How to present your data in a scientific manner , Statistical analysis of data.
 Briefly describe any plans for developing and improving the course that are being implemented. (e.g. increased use of IT or web based reference material, changes in content as a result of new research in the field) During lecturing , an online internet illustrations and references are used for explanation

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