Practical syllabus (Zoo 352), Fundamentals of genetics

Practical syllabus (Zoo 352), Name: Fundamentals of genetics

Weeks Description of exercise
1 Lab Safety and introduction
2 Introduction to chromosome structure, microscopic study of human, mouse and frog chmorosomes
3 Cell division (Mitosis), microscopic observation
4 Cell division (Meiosis), microscopic observation
5 Preparation of mitosis slides by using onions (Allium cepa) root tips
6 Basic information and culture methods of Drosophila melanogaster
7 First Examination
8 Chromosome preparation from bone marrow cells of mouse
9 Chromosome slides staining and microscopic observation
10 Determination of human blood group
11 Karyotyping: Identifying karyotypes of genetic disorders
12 Measures of central tendency
13 Revision
14 Second examination


Course Materials