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Abir Ghannouchi Ben Bacha



كلية العلوم
Building 5, 3rd floor, office 285

BCH 602

1. Biochemical methods used in next generation sequencing: Basics of NGS chemistry; NGS methods in genomics and transcriptomics which special focus on chip sequencing; Sequencing with low input and simple workflow of DNA and RNA (Ion torrent); throughput capability to sequence multiple strains or disease within fraction of time and cost(Solid platform-); sequencing of wide variety of starting materials, DNA, PCR products, BACS, cDNA and mRNA (454 sequencing).
2. 3D imaging: Biofirming; recent developments; Computer-aided anatomic modelling and 3D reconstruction; Computer-aided tissue classification; Computer-aided tissue implantation; 3D printers
3. Protein crystallization: Properties of proteins and importance of crystallization; Phases of proteins in solution; Nucleation; Supersaturation; Important principles; common methods of crystallization with emphasis on Vapor Diffusion, Slow Evaporation and Dialysis; Ligands and co-crystallization
4. Large scale production and stabilization of recombinant molecules: Recombinant protein expression- advances and challenges; Replicon, promotor, selection marker, affinity tag, tag removal, choosing specific host
5. Macromolecule engineering: Basics of macromolecules and their engineering; Protein engineering; codon bias,inclusion bodies, disulphide bond formation, chaperone expression, protein inactivity.
6. Protein PEGylation: Protein PEGylation Process, Benefits of PEGylation, PEGylation impact on the design of new protein-based medicines
7. Circular dichroism: What is CD? How to study proteins by CD? CD in analysis of protein folding, non folding and misfolding
8. Proteins & Proteomics: What is Proteomics? Determining Protein Structure, Structure and Function Relationships of Proteins, Genomics-Based Predictions of Cellular Proteins, 2D Gel Electrophoresis to Identify Cellular Proteins, Mass Spectrometry to Identify Cellular Proteins, Identifying Protein Interactions, The Yeast Two-Hybrid System, Protein Microarrays, Protein Networks, Proteomes in Different Organisms, Proteomics and Drug Discovery.

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