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Abir Abdullah Alamro

Assistant Professor


كلية العلوم
Building 5, 3rd floor, Room 198 Office hours 11-1

BCH 600. Thesis

Introduce the techniques required in a biochemical laboratory; provide the student with a degree of competency in biochemistry; Provide the student with the skills necessary to analyze chemicals and chemical reactions quantitatively; provide practice in the use of spectroscopy and other techniques to determine the structure of compounds and the fundamental properties of their reactions; introduce student to the techniques of protein purification and protein characterization; provide practical experience in the determination of enzyme kinetic parameters; provide an introduction to the chemical and biochemical literature and the library; provide an introduction to preparing lab reports and documents. How to write the lab report, how to do data analysis and how to do oral presentation.
Master's thesis supervisor:
o Main supervisor: Malak Saleh Alshatwi, Effects of ionizing radiation on breast cancer associated fibroblasts and the expression of CCL7
o Main supervisor: Shaykhah Nayyaf Almutairi, Biological impact of advanced glycation end-products on colorectal cancer development and progression
o Main supervisor: Ohood Amin Radman, Effect of fluid shear stress in inflammatory changes and phenotype modulation in monocytes and endothelial cells
o Main supervisor: Moudhi Abdullah Almutiaq, Role of Renin angiotensin System and Macrophages in Breast Cancer Microenvironment
o Co-supervisor: Ghadeer majed aldawsari, Angiogenin Levels and Vitamin D Status Associations with Glycemic and Metabolic Indices
o Co-supervisor: Amal Mohammed Alshehri, Association of the variants in the Zinc Finger Protein 259 (ZNF259) gene and the risk of Metabolic Syndrome in adult Saudi Population
o Co-supervisor: Reem Mohammed Alokeel, Serum Asprosin levels and its association with other serological parameters in Saudi T2DM and Obese subjects
o Co-supervisor: Noura Saad Nasser Alshuil , In vitro screening for anticancer properties of different extracts of Qaisum Achillea fragrantissima
o Co-supervisor: Fatimah Mutlaq Alharbi, Effect of Cadmium on Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Osteoporotic Saudi Subjects
o Co-supervisor: Nora saad alkeraishan, Effect of melatonin and vitamin D on the gene expression of p53 in MCF-7 breast cancer cell line
o Co-supervisor: Manal Mohammed Almalky, The synergistic effect of melatonin and vitamin D on the gene expression of BCL-2 and Bax in MCF-7 breast cancer cell line

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