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Ayman Abdelazez Abdlhameed

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor Physical Education

كلية علوم الرياضة والنشاط البدني
B69, 1fr floor, F 128

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peace be upon you.. I am pleased and honored to communicate with you, students, colleagues and professors, through my website at King Saud University, in my general and precise field of specialization.. May God protect our country from all calamity and evil and make us and you among whom the Messenger of God, peace be upon him, "the best of you are those who learn knowledge and teach it"

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by Dr. Ayman Abdelazez Abdlhameed
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House of Sciences and Faith for Publishing and Distribution

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-Independent study is an advanced study which is one of the important topics to workers in the field of physical education, and includes the student preparing a theoretical study or applied…


This course seeks to provide the student with the concept of health and health education. It also works on the student's awareness of the goals and principles of health education at school age,…


A. A.An advanced study of contemporary topics and trends of measurement and evaluation. B. B. Recognizing the general principles and advanced technical methods of measurement and evaluation…