A Framework for Building a Housing Support System for Orphans: Saudi Society

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The Scientific Journal of King Faisal University
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This study examines the state of housing support for orphans in Saudi Arabia—a group that suffers from poor financial capacity and social deprivation. It proposes a framework that enhances the participation of all relevant authorities in the housing support system, enabling orphans to obtain housing needs, social stability, and economic empowerment within the framework of Saudi Vision 2030. A descriptive approach was used to determine the role of partnership in housing support programs for orphans. A questionnaire was administered to a sample of (41) experts, and the numerical data were analyzed. The study results showed that orphans face several challenges when seeking housing support. There is a lack of legislation and rules defining the roles of partner agencies in providing housing support, poor coordination between concerned government sectors, and no clear criteria for support priorities. This study highlights the need for developing an effective partnership for the housing support system for orphans, starting with building a clear strategic plan to support them based on three main principles: the incubation environment, infrastructure, and beneficiaries.


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