For Current PhD/Master Students in KSU

Looking for a Supervisor?

If you are interested in Machine Learning/Information Security, you may contact me ( for possible supervision of your research project (CSC593, CSC699, CSC600, CSC700) / indpendent studies (CSC696, CSC697) / Graduation project (CSC597, CSC598).

Possible Topics in 'Biometrics and Cryptography'

  • Secured Biometric Authentication with Deep Learning
  • Cryptographic Key Generation from Biometric Signals
  •  Presentation Attack Detection for Fingerprint Authentication
  • Biometric Cryptography

Possible Topics in 'Machine Learning for Healthcare'

  • Diagnosis of Hypertension using Deep Learning Techniques
  • Arrhythmia Classification for Monitoring of Cardiac Patients
  • Atrial Fibrillation Detection and Screening using Deep Learning and ECG signal
  • Developing Healthcare Systems using Deep Learning and PPG signal