Evaluation of Health Literacy among Females in Outpatient Clinics

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سالم, د الفت . 2018
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Ann Med Health Sci Res.
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Background: The World Health Organization considered health literacy as one of the most important determinant
factors to promote various aspects of public health. Low health literacy can contribute to increased rates of
hospitalization, reduced rates of medication adherence, decreased capacity to manage chronic diseases and
increased the rate of emergency department visit. Objective: To evaluate the degree of health literacy among the
sample, and to examine the relation between age and education level of the participants and health literacy level.
Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted, by using an Arabic version of SAHL scale. Data
were collected between November 2015 to December 2015 with 105 females in outpatient clinics. Result: The
selected females in outpatient clinics have adequate health literacy levels, with a mean score (15.13±1.856).
Moreover, there is no relation between the level of health literacy with age and education level of the participants.
Conclusion: This study provides knowledge that can be applied to evolve schemes to encourage health
literacy level among females in Saudi Arabia.
Literacy; Health Literacy; Outpatients; Females