Efficacy of Lifestyle Intervention Programme for Arab Women with Prediabetes using Social Media as an Alternative Platform of Delivery

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McCullough, Rasha Al-Hamdan 1, Amanda Avery 1, Dara Al-Disi 2, Shaun Sabico 3, Nasser M Al-Daghri 3, Fiona . 2021
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J Diabetes Investig
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Aims: This six-month interventional study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of different educational programs among Saudi females with prediabetes referred by primary care.

Methods: A total of 253 [100 GEP (Group Education Program), 84 WEP (WhatsApp Education Program) and 69 CG (Control Group)] eligible participants were invited to take part in the study, out of whom 120 received intervention [40 GEP, 43 WEP and 37 CG]. GEP participants received focused, individualised lifestyle modification advice with bimonthly support sessions, WEP participants received the same intervention but delivered through social media (WhatsApp). The CG received standard care. Anthropometrics, biochemical profiles and macronutrient intake were measured at baseline, 3 and 6 months. Primary endpoints are HbA1c and weight with lipids and dietary changes as secondary outcomes.

Results: HbA1c significantly improved in all groups post-intervention [GEP baseline 6.0±0.2 versus 6 months 5.5±0.54; p<0.001, WEP 6.0±0.26 versus 5.3±0.51; p<0.001, CG 6.0±0.37 versus 5.7±0.49; p<0.001], but with no difference in between-group comparisons (p=0.33). Within group comparisons showed a reduction in weight but only in GEP (90.6kg±27.3 versus 84.8kg±24.3; p<0.01) and this was significant in between-group comparison (p=0.003). Significant between-group comparisons with respect to energy (g) intake (p=0.005) were also observed as well as triglycerides (p<0.001) and LDL-cholesterol (p=0.001), all in favour of GEP.

Conclusions: Diabetes prevention programs, whether delivered through a focused educational group, social media or standard care, are equally efficacious in improving HbA1c levels among Saudi women with prediabetes, but a focused educational group was more effective in terms of successful weight loss.

Keywords: Arab women; Diabetes Prevention; Lifestyle; Prediabetes; Social Media.

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