Marketing 452: Services Marketing

Service Marketing & Management is an elective and assumes that the student has taken the Core Marketing classes. It focuses on how the marketing of services is different than the fundamental 4Ps approach to marketing.
Service Marketing course focuses on managing and delivering service excellence. The attraction, retention, and building of strong customer relationships through quality service and services are at the heart of the course content. The basic concepts covered in the course include: the difference between marketing services versus products; the role of the service encounter; the key drivers of service quality; the customer’s role in service creation; service design and innovation; going beyond service to create customer experiences; technology’s impact on services; managing customer service expectations; and customer service metrics.
The course is equally applicable to organizations whose core product is service (e.g., banks, transportation companies, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, professional services, telecommunication, etc.) and to organizations that depend on service excellence for competitive advantage (e.g., high technology manufacturers, automotive, industrial products, etc.). 


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