Alkahtani, M. B. . (2020). Failing to Prevail: A Discourse Analysis of Attitude in Mubarak’s Speeches During the Arab Spring. Asiatic: IIUM Journal of English Language and Literature, 14(1), 123-137. Retrieved from

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This paper examines the attitude in President Hosni Mubarak’s speeches during the Arab

Spring Uprising in 2011. The appraisal concept discussed by Martin and White which is

based on Halliday’s Systematic Functional Linguistics (SFL) is adopted as a framework

for analysis. According to the appraisal framework, tenor (interpersonal metafunction) is

divided into subsections including Attitude. To be more specific, Attitude in the appraisal

concept is divided into three domains: affect, judgment and appreciation. Mubarak’s three

speeches in 2011 were analysed in terms of the linguistic devices used to reflect these

domains, such as pronouns, intensification, reiteration, lexical selection and metaphor.

The distribution of the use of each domain and frequencies are examined using charts

and diagrams. Results proved the significant impact of the speeches on the

demonstrations. Mubarak’s attitude changed throughout his speeches. His first speech

was unrealistic, whereas the second speech was less emotive and more assertive. His third

speech was full of subliminal authoritative messages and lack of sympathy

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