Optimum synthesis of discrete capacitated networks with multi-terminal commodity flow requirements

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Haouari, Mohamed . 2007
Optimization Letters
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Network design problems arise in a wide range of applied areas including telecommunications, computer networks, and transportation. In this paper, we address the following discrete capacitated multi-terminal network design problem. Given a connected digraph G = (V,A), a set of L potential facilities to be installed on each arc, and a set of K multi-terminal (non-simultaneous) commodity flow requirements, the problem is to find a set of facilities to install in order to route the K nonsimultaneous flows while minimizing the total
fixed plus variable costs. We describe an exact procedure for solving this problem  based on Benders decomposition. Our algorithm includes several features that significantly improve the efficiency of the basic approach. Computational results attest to the efficacy of the proposed algorithm, which can solve medium to large-scale problems to optimality.