Consumers' intention to attend soccer events: Application and Extension of the Theory of Planned Behavior

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M;, Eddosary, . 2015
Psychological Reports: Employment Psychology & Marketing
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 The purpose of this study was to identify important factors of consumers’ intention to attend professional soccer events among Saudi Arabian soccer fans. To explore the decision-making process of this relatively understudied population, the theory of planned behavior was used as theoretical background. Particularly, this study measured the eff ect of attitude, subjective norm, perceived behavioral control (time and money), and game importance on intention to attend, and examined the moderating role of commitment. Structural equation modeling (SEM) using 231 Saudi university students ( M = 21.9 yr., SD = 1.21) indicate that attitude and game importance were signifi cantly related to attendance intention. The eff ect of subjective norms was signifi cant only for the low commitment group and game importance was more important for the low than the high commitment group. 

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