Security Analysis and Enhancement of Authentication in CDMA based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography

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Abd-Eldayem, Mohamed M. . 2012
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Research Paper
Mobile Security
Research Journal of Information Technology
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Now-a-days, CDMA mobile network is used in many countries around the world, therefore, its security system is hot topic. Authentication and encryption are the most important security techniques used by CDMA mobile network. While encryption technique is used to provide confidentiality to the transmitted data and voice over the network, the authentication technique is used to allow only authorized users to access the network. The authentication of CDMA2000 mobile network includes two processes: provisioning the subscriber authentication key and mutual authentication between user and service network. In this study a comparison among some modern public key cryptosystem (RSA, ECC, ECDH, DH, MQV and ECMQV) is implemented, the results show that the superiority of ECC and ECDH public key technique over other public key techniques based on the key length and the implementation speed. For these reason the proposed CDMA2000 authentication technique uses ECDH public key to provide the subscriber authentication key, also ECC is proposed to be used to provide authentication request and mutual authentication between user and service network.