Medical image authentication based on revertible watermarking

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Abd-Eldayem, Mohamed M. . 2014
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The International Conference on Informatics and Systems (INFOS)
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2014 9th International Conference on Informatics and Systems
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Recently most healthcare organizations have an electronic medical information system. Whereas the electronic medical data such as medical images are exchanged through a computer network or through the internet; therefore, protecting medical data from unauthorized use is an essential requirement. In this paper a medical image authentication technique based on revertible watermarking method is proposed. At receiver side; the original image can be extracted without any corruption due to using a revertible watermarking that is provided by R-S-Vector. The image is divided into groups, each group includes 3 pixels, R-S-Vector is determined based on the status of each group, then it is compressed. The hash value of the image is determined based on SHA256. The hash value, the patient ID and the compressed R-S-Vector are concatenated and are encrypted using RSA public encryption technique, this encrypted code is the watermark that is embedded inside the image. The experimental results show that BER equal 0; SNR equals about 50dB; PSNR equals about 57dB; and MSE equals about 0.11, and the embedded capacity is up to 0. 525bpp.