Anticorrosive properties of olive oil polyurethanamide/ZnO biocomposite coatings

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Korean J. Chem. Eng.
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Olive oil based polyurethanamide/ZnO biocomposites were prepared by energy efficient microwave irradiation
technique. The biocomposites showed good coating properties: scratch resistance, impact resistance, adhesion and
flexibility retention. The corrosion studies carried out by potentiodynamic polarization measurements exhibit inhibition
efficiency of 99.99% in 5% NaCl, 99.99% in 3.5% HCl, and 99.94% tap water, respectively. The overall approach is
significant as it focuses on the utilization of vegetable oil, a sustainable material, polyurethanamide, synthesized through
an energy efficient technique, at lower temperature, in lower reaction time, promoting value addition through simple
chemistry. The coatings provide corrosion protection by barrier action.

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