Advances in Metric Fixed Point Theory and Applications

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This book collects papers on major topics in fixed point theory and its applications. Each chapter is accompanied by basic notions, mathematical preliminaries and proofs of the main results. The book discusses common fixed point theory, convergence theorems, split variational inclusion problems and fixed point problems for asymptotically nonexpansive semigroups; fixed point property and almost fixed point property in digital spaces, nonexpansive semigroups over CAT(κ) spaces, measures of noncompactness, integral equations, the study of fixed points that are zeros of a given function, best proximity point theory, monotone mappings in modular function spaces, fuzzy contractive mappings, ordered hyperbolic metric spaces, generalized contractions in b-metric spaces, multi-tupled fixed points, functional equations in dynamic programming and Picard operators.

This book addresses the mathematical community working with methods and tools of nonlinear analysis. It also serves as a reference, source for examples and new approaches associated with fixed point theory and its applications for a wide audience including graduate students and researchers.

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