The Impacts of M-Commerce on Saudi Banks

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Hidayat-ur-Rehman, Wafi AlBalawi, Imdadullah . 2016
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The main purpose of this research is to critically analyze the impact of mobile commerce on the banks of Saudi
Arabia. Through secondary research and substantial literature review, the research identifies different impacts and
barriers that can hinder the adoption of mobile commerce. With the passage of time and continuous technological
evolutions one of the most widely used tools in the current scenario that is utilized by banks and other business
entities is marketing through mobile. New opportunities are being offered to the users by the banks over the mobile
devices, for instance, transferring of funds, making payments and locating the branches. It is obvious that the next
evolution stage for Banks with the business organizations is to provide a platform to users where they can easily
operate their accounts without being connected to any wired network. Furthermore, the research analyses different
researcher’s work, who have studied the emergence and adaptation of mobile commerce. In addition to this, the
research also highlights different aspects of mobile commerce and various driving force that lead towards the success
of mobile commerce in today’s competitive business world.