E-Branding Development Process for Entire Organization

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I, • Alam, A., Malik, O. M., & Ullah, . 2014
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General research
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E-Branding online is the next wave of personal and professional development. A personal E-Brand is how you present yourself on others in the market all the while having a digital representation online. It may be who you are and what you represent in terms of mission, personality, including skills, attitudes, values, vision, and look. The sum of everything you are and how you project your brand on others, whether it is online or offline. Therefore, if your name is being presented in a blog only, this blog is your personal E-Brand. If you have commented on ten blogs and three social-networking profiles, the proportion of this contribution is your brand - it is how people perceive you. Everyone can and must develop an E-Brand. There is no barrier to entry as the branding cost has been reduced as a result of which E-Brands are built on minimal financial expenses.