Mobile Banking Adoption in Saudi Arabia

مقال فى مجلة
Hidayat-ur-Rehman, Imdadullah . 2014
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Recent trends in the domain of information and technology has altered the traditional ways of conducting business and trade. Due to the latest developments in the field of telecommunication, there has been a robust change in the field of communication. This technological advancement has also caused its impacts on the industry of banking. From traditional manners of banking, the industry has now shifted towards the new trend of “Mobile Banking”. Mobile banking has offered many benefits to the consumers and the banks as well. Although, in many developing countries; the process of adopting this trend is not fully matured. This study focuses on the assessment of mobile banking adoption in a developing nation, Saudi Arabia. This study adopts secondary research method and uses previously conducted researches to provide illustration. The purpose is to present an explanatory study towards the determination of factors affecting and/or deriving the adoption of mobile banking in Saudi Arabia.