ICT and creativity: how ICT interreact and impact creativity in a Saudi university

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Dubai, UAE
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Proceedings of the European, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems (EMCIS), Dubai, UAE, 8-9 December.
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Dubai, UAE
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This paper discusses how Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) systems interact with and impact creativity in one higher education institution at Saudi Arabia. It adopts a qualitative case study methodology and utilizes the organizational creativity theory, which guides the data collection and analysis. The study finds that personality, cognition, and motivation play a role in the impact of ICT on creativity in a major Saudi university. It is useful and beneficial for organizations to understand how ICT impacts creativity in order to be competitive and ensure growth in their industries. Through ICT, universities have become more innovative in their administrative and academic functions; this is important for stakeholders in order to gain benefits from ICT systems in key areas, such as creativity. This study is useful in enabling university managers and employees, as well as ICT specialists, to gain an overall view of the consequences of implementing ICT in universities in a country like Saudi Arabia.
Keywords: ICT, Organizational Creativity, Case Study, Universities