Appropriating Linguistic Strategies in Bapsi Sidhwa’s

مقال فى مجلة
نوع عمل المنشور
English discourse
رابط النشر على الانترنت
ملخص المنشورات

In a contact zone situation, where two or more languages and cultures intersect or interface there is bound to be linguistic and cultural intervention. Such is the situation with Pakistani creative English literature, where distinctive and variant geo-linguistic and socio-cultural counter discursive norms are installed in the inherited colonial language. This paper is based primarily on Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice-Candy-Man and attempts to investigate how the author herself and like other postcolonial writers particularly from the sub-continent have appropriated and reconstituted the Standard English Language in their narratives through some appropriating linguistic strategies like neologism (coinage of loan words and loan blends), transliteration, un-translated words, code switching/ code mixing, glossing and translation equivalents.
Key words
: Neologism; transliteration; glossing