Haifa Mohammed Bin Jebreen
Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics
Science College
King Saud University
Email: hjebreen@ksu.edu.sa
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
هيفاء محمد عبدالرحمن بن جبرين
MATH5811 Functional Analysis 4(3+1) Banach spaces: Basic properties and examples, convex sets, subspaces and quotient spaces, linear functional and the dual spaces, Hahn-…
MATH 581 Functional Analysis I 3 credit hours Normed spaces, Banach spaces, continuous linear operators, Hahn-Banach theorem, Duality, the open mapping theorem…
MATH5801 Measure Theory 4(3+1) Rings, Algebra, σ-algebra, Monotone classes, Measure, elementary properties, outer measure, extension, completion and approximation theorems, Lebesgue’s…


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