Trajectory Tracking Performance with two Nonlinear Controllers of Quadrotor under Wind Effect

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Hedjar, • Meradi Dounia, Benselama Zoubir, and Ramdane . 2020
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4th International Conference on Advanced Systems and Emergent Technologies,
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The quadrotor often flies in an environment where external disturbances can occur and decrease its tracking performances. Hence, the robustness and effectiveness of nonlinear controllers are required to reject the external disturbance. The aim of this article is to design and verify an integral backstepping and sliding mode control techniques to track the desired trajectory for the quadrotor. The performance and effectiveness of the nonlinear controllers are illustrated through representative simulations showing the tracking of several reference trajectories with disturbances, model uncertainties, and wind gusts effect. To this end, the Dryden turbulence model for wind velocity fluctuations was used as a benchmark wind model to better represent the impact of the accuracy of the wind field model on the trajectory tracking performance. The tracking performances of these approaches are discussed using the root mean square error (RMSE).