Robust Altitude Stabilization of VTOL-UAV for Payloads Delivery

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Zuair, • R Hedjar, MA Al . 2019
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IEEE Access
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In this paper, we investigate the problem of robust altitude stabilization for the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) of an unmanned aerial vehicle in the presence of external disturbances (e.g. wind gusts), payload variations, and noisy measurements. The design of the controller is simple; it is based on the minimization of the one-step-ahead predicted position errors. The stability analysis of the closed loop in the presence of external disturbances is presented. The analysis results prove that the tracking errors of attitude, take-off, hovering, and landing are uniformly bounded. Since the proposed control algorithm will be employed for goods delivery by drones, the robustness of this algorithm against low-frequency disturbances and payload variations is a major objective. To this end, integral action is included in the altitude loop to eliminate the induced steady-state error and to drop off the payload in the desired …