Wireless Model predictive control: Application to water level system

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Advances in mechanical engineering,
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This article deals with wireless model predictive control of a water-level control system. The objective of the model predictive control algorithm is to constrain the control signal inside saturation limits and maintain the water level around the desired level. Linear modeling of any nonlinear plant leads to parameter uncertainties and non-modeled dynamics in the linearized mathematical model. These uncertainties induce a steady-state error in the output response of the water level. To eliminate this steady-state error and increase the robustness of the control algorithm, an integral action is included in the closed loop. To control the water-level system remotely, the communication between the controller and the process is performed using radio channel. To validate the proposed scheme, simulation and real-time implementation of the algorithm have been conducted, and the results show the effectiveness of wireless model predictive control with integral action.