Slides of the Seminar: MATLAB/SIMULINK at King Saud University

King Saud University - College of Computer and Information Sciences-CCIS is glad to organize seminar on MATLAB & Simulink, this seminar showcases how to bridge the gap between theory and practice when it comes to using MATLAB®. The seminar will include technical presentations and concrete examples.
By attending these seminars, you will learn how to program and build models with the MATLAB product family. You will also gain valuable experience in MATLAB, which is among the top required skills listed in engineering and science job postings
Venue:             College of Computer and Information Sciences-CCIS both Male and Female sections
Male section: Auditorium A Building 31, Female section: Maria Auditorium
Speakers:        Dr. Joachim Levelt  and Eng. Stefano Olivieri
Date:                Monday 1st Of October 2018

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