PCA-based Palm Vein Authentication System

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Alsayigh, Dr. Sahar Bayoumi, Ghada Alsebayel, Sarah Alzahrani, Sulaf Almagooshi, Afnan Sheikho, Sara . 2013
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اسم المؤتمر
2013 International Conference on Information Science and Applications (ICISA)
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Suwon, South Korea
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In this paper we proposed a system for authentication using Palm Vein. we Applied Principle Component Analysis (PCA) on images of the plam for features extraction. Palm vein images of dorsa were captured using infrared camera. PCA is then applied to generate vector of features that represent the highest details of variant information. A matching process is then applied to find the best match from the database to recognize and authenticate a person. Experiments show that our system was  able to recognize a user with an accuracy of 85% in real-time based on supervised recognition.