Nationality:                   Jordanian 

Place of Birth:              Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Address:                Collage of Computer and Information Sciences

                                       Department of Information Technology

                                       King Saud University,

                                       Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Degree:                      PhD, De Montfort University, Leicester/ United Kingdom
Research Interests:        1. Artificial Intelligence: Biometric identification, biometric based image &compression                                                     and multi-level security
                                          2. Intelligent Software Design & Integration
                                          3. Brain Signal Interaction: Smart offices control via brain computer interaction                                                                  systemsystem 
                                          4. Design of IT postgraduate curriculum and programs

Biometric Based Watermarking for Multimedia Secure Transmission Through Communication Channels
The student has to undertake research at depth level in the field of IP security: Multimedia Secure Transmission Through Communication Channels
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