302 BCH

week 1:lab safety week2:preparation of buffer week3:detection and estimation of amino acid week4:detection and estimation of protein week5:carbohydrates week6:general charaterization and qualtative tests of lipids week 7:detection of iodine number ..

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1_amino_acids_.pptx 5.52 ميغابايت
2_proteins-i_.pptx 2.81 ميغابايت
3_proteins-ii_.pptx 1.64 ميغابايت
4_carbohydrate-i_.pptx 9.49 ميغابايت
5_carbohydrate-ii_.pptx 1.93 ميغابايت
6_lipid-i_0.pdf 1.88 ميغابايت
7_lipid-ii_.pptx 1.93 ميغابايت
8_spectral_characterization_of_dna_.pptx 1009.52 كيلوبايت
9_quantitative_estimation_of_glucose_by_enzymatic_method.pptx 396.38 كيلوبايت
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