A new approach for Weibull modeling for reliability life data

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Elmahdy, Emad E. . 2015
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Applied Mathematics and Computation 250 (2015) 708–720
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 A b s t r a c t
This paper presents a proposed approach for modeling the life data for system components
that have failure modes by different Weibull models. This approach is applied for censored,
grouped and ungrouped samples. To support the main idea, numerical applications with
exact failure times and censored data are implemented. The parameters are obtained by
different computational statistical methods such as graphic method based on Weibull
probability plot (WPP), maximum likelihood estimates (MLE), Bayes estimators, non-linear
Benard’s median rank regression. This paper also presents a parametric estimation method
depends on expectation–maximization (EM) algorithm for estimation the parameters of
finite Weibull mixture distributions. GOF is used to determine the best distribution for
modeling life data. The performance of the proposed approach to model lifetime data is
assessed. It’s an efficient approach for moderate and large samples especially with a heavily
censored data and few exact failure times.

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