Three-Dimensional Video Super-Resolution Reconstruction Scheme Based on Histogram Matching and Recursive Bayesian Algorithms

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Multimedia Super-Resolution (SR) reconstruction is an essential and mandatory process for different visualization functions. Recently, several schemes have been suggested for single- and multi-image SR reconstruction. This work presents an effective SR reconstruction scheme for visual quality and resolution enhancement of 3D Video (3DV) sequences. The idea behind the proposed 3DV SR reconstruction scheme is the utilization of a recursive Bayesian algorithm for improving the resolution of the degraded 3DV sequences with down-sampling, blurring, and noise effects. In addition, a significant stage of histogram matching based on a visual image with a better-distributed histogram is employed. The main aim of employing the histogram matching stage for enhancing the 3DV sequence is to introduce a dynamic range modification of each 3DV frame. Hence, it presents a 3DV sequence with an enhanced …