" Exploring factors affecting satisfaction with the relationship between Supplier and Retailers"

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Salem, Mohammed Saleh . 2014
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Spring Management and Leadership Conference
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Los Angeles, California
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Relationship marketing refers to the set of marketing activities oriented to establishing, developing, maintaining, and terminating successful relational exchange (Morgan and Hunt 1994; Eiriz and Wilson 2006). It is somehow a new paradigm in marketing practice especially in developing countries. Before the paradigm of relationship marketing, most of marketing theories and practice were focused on selling transaction in what was known as transactional marketing. In contrast, relationship marketing adds another dimension and focuses on building long-term relationships with customers and other partners in order to satisfy their needs. In distribution channels, relationship marketing studies the effect of commitment and trust on satisfaction of the relationship between different channel members. It also explores the antecedents of commitment and trust such as communication quality, strategic integration, and information exchange. In this paper, researchers explore these factors in supplier-retailer channel of distribution in developing countries such as Saudi Arabia. Researchers also examine whether suppliers and retailers conduct relationship marketing with each other and the benefits of exercising relationship marketing

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