Type II GaSb/GaAs quantum dot/ring stacks with extended photoresponse for efficient solar cells

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Anthony, Carrington, Peter ; Mahajumi, Abu Syed ; Wagener, Magnus C. ; Botha, Johannes Reinhardt ; Zhuang, Qiandong ; Krier, . 2011
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(Quantum Dots), (Quatum Rings), (Solar Cells)
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We report on the fabrication of GaAs based p–i–n solar cells containing 5 and 10 layers of type II GaSb quantum rings grown by molecular beam epitaxy. Solar cells containing quantum rings show improved efficiency at longer wavelengths into the near-IR extending up to 1500 nm and show enhanced short-circuit current under 1 sun illumination compared to a GaAs control cell. A reduction in the open-circuit voltage is observed due to the build-up of internal strain. The MBE growth, formation and photoluminescence of single and stacked layers of GaSb/GaAs quantum rings are also presented.