Propylene carbonate synthesis from propylene oxide and CO2 over Ga-Silicate-1 catalyst

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Kahtani, Abdullah A. Al . 2020
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carbon dioxide, cyclic carbonate, propyleneoxide, gallosilicate, zeolite
Green Processing and Synthesis
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Gallosilicate zeolite(Ga-Silicate-1)was synthe-sized  and  characterized  by  wet  chemical  analysis,Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffrac-tion, BET surface area analysis and29Si MAS NMR. Theprepared  Ga-Silicate-1,  calcined  in  the  temperaturerange from 350°C to 550°C, was tested as a catalyst forthe synthesis of propylene carbonate(PC)from CO2andpropylene oxide in a solvent-free reaction. The effects ofvarious parameters, such as co-catalyst, reaction tem-perature, reaction time, and pressure of CO2, on thereaction  were  investigated.  It  has  been  found  thatincreasing the calcination temperature from 500°C to550°C decreased both the conversion and selectivity toPC from 63.7% to 20.6% and from 77.6% to 58.9%,respectively.  Unlike  conversion  and  selectivity,  thesurface  area  increased from 96.1 to 103.8 m2/g. Thissignificant increase in surface area due to the degallia-tion of the zeolite, along with the decrease in conversion,clearly indicates the role of gallium in the production ofPC. Under mild reaction conditions(75°C andP(CO2)=0.55 MPa), a conversion of 70.8% and a selectivity of81.3% were obtained. Based on the obtained results, amechanism for the synthesis of PC over the Ga-Silicate-1catalyst was proposed

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