Chem-329 Inorganic Compounds Spectroscopy

Course Code: 329-Chem.
Course Title: Inorganic Compounds Spectroscopy
Semester credit hours: 2.0 credit. (2+0+0)
Course Description: Introduction: characterization of electromagnetic radiation, quantization of energy, regions of spectrum, representation of spectrum, basic elements of practical spectroscopy, signal-to-noise, resolving power, width and intensity of spectral lines. Microwave spectroscopy: rotation of molecules, rotational spectra, diatomic molecules. Infra-red spectroscopy: vibrating diatomic molecule, diatomic vibrating rotator, vibration-rotation spectrum of carbon monoxide, breakdown of the Born Oppenheimer approximation, interaction of rotations and vibrations. Electronic spectroscopy of atoms: structure of atoms, electronic angular momentum, multi-electron atoms, angular momentum of multi-electron atoms. Spin resonance spectroscopy: spin and applied field, nuclear magnetic spectroscopy, electron magnetic spectroscopy. Group Theory: Molecular symmetry and the symmetry groups, symmetry point groups, representation of groups, applications.

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