Stat 324 - Probability and Statistics for Engineers

Introduction to Sample space, Random events, Probability rules, Conditional probability, Baye’s rule
Definition of Random variables, Discrete and Continuous distributions.
Definition of the mean (mathematical expectation) and the variance of a random variable. Mean and variance of a linear combination of independent random variables.
Definition of Discrete distributions (Uniform, Binomial, Hyper geometric, Poisson).
Definition of Continuous distributions (Uniform, Exponential, Normal).
Sampling distributions of some sample statistics, the t-distribution.
Emphasizing the concept of Estimation methods: Point estimation, Confidence interval estimation. 
Introducing the concepts involved in Testing Hypotheses. Hypotheses testing of a single Population parameter (mean, proportion, difference between two means and difference between two proportions of independent populations.Introducing the concept of simple linear correlation and linear regression

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