CEN549: Digital Signal Processing

Digital Speech processing for master level for Fall 2020 semester. Prerequisites: CEN340 “Signals and Systems”, and CEN543 “Digital Signal Processing”, and compliance to academic department regulations, if any. Grading System: • 20% Midterm Exam I. • 20% Midterm Exam II/Research Project • 20% Assignments/ Research Assignment • 40% Final Exam. Main Textbooks: • L. Rabiner and R. Schafer, “Theory and Applications of Digital Speech Processing,” 1st Edition, Prentice Hall 2011. • L. Rabiner and R. Schafer, “Introduction to Digital Speech Processing”, NOW: The Essence of Knowledge, 2007. • Mansour Alghamdi “Arabic Phonetics”, Al-Toubah Bookshop, Riyadh 2001. (In Arabic). • Other handouts about Arabic Language. References: • Sadaoki Furui, “Digital Speech Processing, Synthesis, and Recognition,” Marcel Dekker, Inc 2001. • L. Rabiner and B. Juang, “Fundamentals of Speech Recognition,” Prentice Hall1993. • J. Deller, J. Proakis, and J. Hansen, “Discrete-Time Processing of Speech Signals,” Macmillan 1993. • A. Oppenheim and A. Willsky, “Signals and Systems,” Prentice Hall 1997. • Rowden, “Speech Processing,” McGraw-Hill 1992. Instructor: Prof. Yousef Ajami Alotaibi Office location: 2224, Building 31; Phone number: 467-7105 or 469-4889 Email: yaalotaibi@ksu.edu.sa Homepage: http://fac.ksu.edu.sa/yaalotaibi

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