Housing Challenges for Urban Poor: Kampungs in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Alzamil, W. . 2020
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housing, urban, poor, Kampungs, challenges, Jakarta, Indonesia
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Current Politics and Economics of South, Southeastern, and Central Asia
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The housing challenges of the urban poor come as an inevitable consequence of increasing demand for housing stock. More than a billion people live in slums that lack the lowest components of the urban environment (Mahabir, Crooks, Croitoru, & Agouris, 2016). In other words, almost a quarter of the world's population lives in slums or informal settlements (Friesen, Rausch, Pelz, & Fürnkranz, 2018). The housing crisis is accompanied by an imbalance in regional development policies, where urban development is concentrated in major cities at the expense of small and rural cities. 

*This is a reformatted version of a chapter previously published in: Jaworski, Jared A. Advances in Sociology Research, Volume 32. New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2020.

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