Prof. Chintakindi Sanjay, is a certified Corporate Director of World Council for Corporate Governance, UK and visited South and South East Asian Countries for research and presenting papers in International Conferences. He has more than 26 years of experience and worked as a Associate Professor of Manufacturing Engineering and Management at Government University in Malaysia. He was Keynote Speaker for 52 International/ National Conference and Chair & Co-Chair for 8 International Conferences held in Asia and a Member of Advisory and Technical Committee for more than 77 International Conferences across the world. He is a Member, Editorial Board/ Reviewer for more than 14 international journals and evaluated 17 Doctorial theses in mechanical, Manufacturing and Management. He has successfully completed 5 research projects at international level. He has to his credit 4 books published by reputed publishers and authored more than 57 Research Papers in Peer Reviewed, Indexed Journals and Conference Proceedings.
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