Relationship of beta cell function and islet cell antibodies in newly diagnosed adult Saudi diabetic patients.

Journal Article
GF., Al-Attas O.S., Laajam MA, Khan MS, Al-Drees AZ, Bottazzo . 1991
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diabetes, islet cell antibodies
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Saudi Medical Journal
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The relationship between islet cell antibodies (ICA) and pancreatic beta cell secretory activity was studied in 108 newly diagnosed untreated adult diabetic patients. Beta cell function was evaluated by measuring C-peptide immunoreactivity (CPR) in the fasting state and 6 min after an intravenous injection of glucagon. Residual beta cell function was present in 90 ICA negative (97.9%) and in 15 ICA positive (93.8%) patients (CPR after stimulation > 0.06 nM/l). Only one ICA positive and two ICA negative patients had no response of secretory activity and thus were subjected to insulin treatment. Positive correlations were found between basal CPR and CPR after stimulation (r=0.99, p < 0.001 for ICA positive, r=0.90, p < 0.001 for ICA negative patients). Our findings indicate that there is no relationship between the pancreatic beta cell potential activity and the presence of ICA in newly diagnosed adult Saudi diabetic patients suggesting further that patients have no insulin deficiency or have mild insulin dependency.