Towards an application oriented biochemistry curriculum

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AA., Abu-Salah KM, Al-Attas O.S., Al-Duhaiman AS, Gorban AM, Al-Jaafari . 1990
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Bioch. Educ.
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Biochemistry  is  a  science  with  many  direct  medical, industrial  and  analytical  applications,  besides  its  numer-
ous  contributions  to  various  aspects  of  some  overlapping sciences,  such  as  genetics,  genetic  engineering,  haematology,  microbiology and  chemical  pathology.  Attempts  are being  made,  however,  to  eliminate  the  distinction  between  the  basic  and  applied  aspects  of  biochemistry  at least  in  some  universities.
1  It  is  argued  that  this  approach has  its  advantages  and  disadvantages.  There  is  little evidence  that  the  majority  of  lectures  achieve  very  much at  all,  at  least  in  terms  of  giving  the  students  a  basis  for operating  successfully  in  their  future  careers. 
2 This  could be  due  partly  to  the  absence  of  material,  given  in biochemistry  lectures  and  practical  sessions,  directly relevant  to  the  various  applied  aspects  of  biochemistry, such  as  biotechnology,  nutritional  biochemistry  and analysis  of  biological  fluids.  In  this  manuscript  we  will choose  the  new  BSc  biochemistry  curriculum  implemented  by the  Department  of Biochemistry  of King  Saud University to  highlight  some  of the  advantages  of teaching basic  biochemistry  hand  in  hand  with  its  applied  aspects.