A visionary and a leader of his generation, Prof. Omar, as known to his peers, has dedicated his youth and vitality fulfilling the noble objectives of the university: teaching the Arab youth, and propelling the Arab scientific community to greater heights. He has obtained his doctorate in Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Newcastle Upontyne last 1983 as a Fulbright scholar, under the supervision of the world renowned Prof. Jonathan Whitaker and Prof.K.G.M.M. Alberti. As a professor of biochemistry in KSU for almost 13 years, Prof. Omar has made for himself an unshakeable reputation among his colleagues and members of the academe as a man of diplomacy and tact, and as a servant of knowledge. He is virtually an institution himself in the field of biochemistry, with his pioneering works on insulin receptors and the progression of auto-immune diseases among patients with gestational diabetes mellitus. Furthermore, he has authored almost a hundred scientific publications and has been a lead investigator of several kingdom-wide epidemiologic studies, most of which are currently used as benchmarks for the drafting of clinical guidelines and the basis for further scientific exploration. Through his supervision, he has helped develop the careers of a dozen local scientists and academicians, many of who currently hold significant positions in academic and scientific community both locally and abroad. He has also been a major driving force in the recruitment of top notch, global scientists and internationally acclaimed universities that are now affiliated and in strong collaboration with King Saud University. Part of his vision led to the foundation of the Biomarkers Research Program, which in the past has been known as the Diabetes and Endocrinology Research Laboratory, the biggest and arguably the most active scientific laboratory in King Saud University in terms of research output and scientific collaborations. His scientific experiences, wide knowledge, and profound network of international scientists give him the competitive edge to continue serving KSU as a leader in the various units that he is passionately guiding to unprecedented milestones.