103- ZOO (Principles of Zoology)

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رقم المقرر ورمزه 103-حين Zoo-103 Course designation
اسم المقرر  علم الحيوان العام Principles of Zoology Course name
الساعات المعتمدة (2 + 1) 3 ساعات (2 + 1) 3 hours Number of credits
المتطلب السابق لا يوجد None Pre-requisite
متطلب مصاحب لا يوجد None Co-requisite
لغة التدريس الإنجليزية English Teaching languish


Module Description         

Structure, function and cytogenetics of the animal cell; different animal tissues; general characteristics and taxonomy of the Animal Kingdom; general characteristics of Subkingdom Protozoa with selected representative examples; taxonomy and characteristics of the Animal Kingdom from Porifera to Chordata with selected representative examples; an introduction in animal physiology with special emphasis on nutrition, digestion and metabolism; blood composition and functions.



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