(IT 222) Database Principles

Course Description 

Characteristics of the database approach. Database concepts and architecture; Data models, schemas and instances; Program data independence, Database languages and interfaces. Data models for database systems; The E-R DM, Relational DM and Relational Algebra. Relational model constraints; Domain, key, and integrity constraints. SQL-relational DB language; Data definition, queries, update statements, and views in SQL. Database design; functional dependencies, Normal forms. Introduction to OO databases.

Text book, Other supplemental materials

 “Database Systems: A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation and Management.”, Thomas Connolly and Carolyn Begg, Addison-Wesley, 5th Edition, 2009.  

Fundamentals of Database Systems.”, Elmasri and Navathe, Pearson, 6th Edition, 2010.   

“Database Systems, Design, Implementation and Management.”, Peter Rob, Carlos Coronel and Steven Morris, Pearson, 9th Edition, 2009  

Introduction to Relational Databases and SQL Programming.”, Christopher Allen, Simon Chatwin and Catherine A Creary, McGraw-Hill, 2004 or later. 

Lecture 3 - Lab 2

Prerequisites:    CSC 111

Course Materials